Human Resource Consolidation

Those of you who have been with the government for a lot of years probably at one time or another sat down with the local HR person to go over some of your retirement or benefit questions. With subjects as complex as your benefits and retirement, it is always best to have a one on one conversation with experts who can advise you best

The government has already started doing away with these local HR representatives and wants to consolidate these people in a few locations across the country. We feel the federal employee will pay the cost of this consolidation. Without the personal touch and accountability, more mistakes will be made and the right information will become harder and harder to get. We’ve all been there in our private lives… calling a major call center and trying to get an answer and getting the run around or people who do not really know the answers but answer your calls.

We have spoken to federal employees who are already being serviced by these centralized departments and they are telling us that they are getting three different answers to their questions with three different calls. We know the government is trying to contain cost by consolidating these functions, but as a federal employee you need to understand that mistakes will be made.

Federal Employee Retirement Services would love to become your resource for these complex answers and wants to walk alongside you all the way to retirement. It is safe to rely on the government for your paycheck. It may not be as safe to rely on them to explain your retirement and benefit options.