Special Provision Employees

If you are a Special Provisions Employee you have a mandatory retirement date. Such people as Air Traffic Controllers, Federal Police, Firefighters and many others have a different retirement system than everyone else. These positions get special treatment of their retirement date and the amount the government is contributing to their retirement annuity.

If you are a Special Provisions Employee it is important that you understand the mandatory retirement dates and your retirement contributions to ensure you are able to retire when the government tells you.

Many of the Special Provisions Employees also have military time that may be eligible time for retirement and many of these employees could retire earlier than they thought if they knew the time counted.

Another area that commonly affects this group of federal employees is when they retire and seek employment in the private sector. Working in the private sector means you are contributing to social security and this can ultimately affect your government pension if you accumulate 40 quarters of SSI in your new job. It is critical that you understand those rules and implications up front so you know how to get the most out of your pension and your private sector job.

Because of the special nature of this group of employees, Federal Employee Retirement Specialists provides educational seminars on the different aspects of Special Provisions employees and can help you make the right decisions that are best for you and your families.